Alpine A110

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The French manufacturer ALPINE disappeared in 1995, is reborn in 2017 with the Alpine A110.
The Alpine A110 is a great car, lightweight thanks to its aluminum chassis, and the automatic gearbox with double clutch allows you to blackmail the engine and the exhaust in bends and straight lines.
The engine is behind the driver, and its noise will enchant you with each acceleration.
The result is a car that combines lightness and power wonderfully and provides a lot of fun.


1800cc 4 cylinder engine developing 252 hp
EDC and sequential transmission (sport and race mode)
0 to 100 km / h: 4.5 seconds
Maximum speed of 250 km / h
Seven-speed sequential gearbox
Weight: 1100 kg


Prices for hiring an Alpine A110 to use on track at all our selected circuits except Nürburgring / Nordschleife. Excludes entry fees and includes petrol.
Trackday 200 km : 1899 € / 300 km : 2549 € / 400 km : 3199 €
Extra 10 km : 90 €
Rentals available for 18 years and over
Excess : 6000 €

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